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Copying definition - To reproduce on media such as: paper, disc, computer files, audio/video tape or any other storage device.

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Copying for non-profit re-publication:

All material on this web site belonging to the editor and/or Essential Baptist Principles may be republished by other friendly/non-controversial religious publications and/or web sites. Please give proper and reasonable credits where it is customary to do so. When publishing to a web site we prefer the Essential Baptist Principles banner be included.

The re-publication or distribution of articles by other contemporary authors appearing on this website require the authors approval and/or the approval of the Editor of Essential Baptist Principles.

Copying for use in any for-profit scheme

Copying or reproduction of any information on this web site for commercial or for-profit use requires permission from the Editor prior to copying. 

Copying for individual or personal use:

All information on this website may be copied by individuals for their own personal files (i.e. printing a hard copy for personal files and sharing with Church friends.)

Linking to Essential Baptist Principles

Before linking to our site, we ask you to confer with the editor. While we welcome links from many religious sites, there are some that would indicate us as a companion site, in which we would not concur.

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