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Essential Baptist Principles
As taught in the Holy Scriptures
July 1, 2016

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The passing of my Dad, Elder Claude Mckee

My Father, Elder Claude Mckee passed from this natural life on September 5, 2019. Our belief is that he is now resting in the presence of our Lord. We are saddened at his death in this life, but we do not sorrow as those who have no hope. I am fully pursuaded that the hope that we have is not only IN our Lord, but IS our Lord. In the first chapter of First Timothy it is written, "... God our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, which is our hope." I know my Dad believed this, preached this, and has now experienced the realization of this to some degree. It is my intention to maintain this site he began years ago. I know it is of comfort to many, as it is to me and is a valuable source of information. I endeavor to write at times, but do not anticipate that I will do a lot. However I may occasionally add some content to the site, in the same way my Dad did with articles from other, past writers. We have posted Dad's obituary on the following link for those that are interested. We ask for your continued prayers for Mother, and my Family too.


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